The PHNA Security Program

PHNA Security is a comprehensive program designed to help keep Pine Hills one of Atlanta’s safest neighborhoods. It consists of the three pillars of community security: police presence, surveillance, and personal responsibility through education and advocacy.

Police Presence: Patrol Officers

Pine Hills hires off-duty Atlanta and Brookhaven police officers to patrol and protect the neighborhood. As fully-fledged police officers, this team is trained and armed, and able to promptly stop, apprehend and arrest as needed in our neighborhood when we need them most. Officers spend time being visible on the streets, in the park and at busy intersections. They are an active and essential deterrent to crime. Officers will question, and when warranted, remove suspected vagrants, unauthorized solicitors, suspicious characters who do not live nor have apparent purpose in our neighborhood. They will stop and warn or ticket drivers speeding or running stop signs. In addition to patrolling the entire community, Pine Hills Security officers also perform personal home checks when members are away.

With the uptick in non-violent crime the past few years, Pine Hills Security has single-handedly stopped several ongoing burglaries, arrested someone for trying to steal a car, checked suspicious cars, arrested people with current warrants, and much more. Pine Hills officers are often the first to notice a suspicious issue before a crime has occurred.  Pine Hills currently has four regular officers – one from the City of Atlanta and three from Brookhaven, with a backup team of three alternates.

“Meet Our Patrol Team.”
As most have worked for Pine Hills for several years, they know the details of our community including the cul-de-sacs and unique connectivity of our streets.  

Based on the current number of security subscribers, Pine Hills patrols for approximately 25 hours/week. Hours vary and are never published for security reasons. The Brookhaven Patrol officers often use their official police cars to patrol, so when you see a Brookhaven Police car patrolling Pine Hills, it may be on PHNA patrol. The more security subscribers we have, the more patrol hours we can schedule.

Program members receive:

• “Pine Hills Security ” sticker placed on your mailbox.

• Extra security checks of your home while you are gone (click here to notify us).

• Direct cell number to reach officers (when on duty).  In case of emergency, always call 911.

• Personal Security Team assistance in the event of a crime and any police investigations.

Surveillance: Security Camera Program

In response to growing security concerns, in 2018 PHNA  installed high-tech, high-resolution cameras at various entry points throughout Pine Hills.

The presence of cameras, along with visible signage stating “24/7 monitoring,” are proven deterrents for criminal activity and provide useful evidence for police investigations. We also partnered with Flock Safety to provide and maintain LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras at major entry points and roadways. These cameras supplement the City of Atlanta and City of Brookhaven License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera programs and are available to their camera surveillance systems.Neighborhood LPR camera systems have helped to solve recent crimes in both the City of Atlanta Zone 2 and in the City of Brookhaven. These cameras are an important component of PHNA’s comprehensive security plan and allow both real-time tracking by police and forensic review. For more information on our PHNA Surveillance Camera Program, click here.


The third pillar of neighborhood security is education/advocacy. PHNA is planning warning signs throughout the neighborhood announcing patrol and camera programs in 2021. We also offer crime prevention education to the neighborhood and continue to advocate for increased services in both the City of Atlanta and City of Brookhaven, and when warranted 

Header photo courtesy of WJAC-TV